“I was one of the first to buy your great product. No serious pitcher or coach should be without the RevFire. One of
my pitchers started out with 17 rps spin on her rise, today she has hit 30. We use the RevFire almost everyday and
use it even in pre-game. Thanks for helping the sport of softball.”
Ray Vandermay
- Seton Hall University
- Big East Champions 04,05

I have used your RevFire trainer for about a month now, and I am seeing huge improvements and increased
awareness from all of my private students and from my college players.  This is an incredible and invaluable tool
that has been needed for many years. Unlike other things in life, it does exactly as advertised, and that is rewarding
in itself.  Even though I am a student of the physics of ball movement, it has taught me a few things too.  Please add
me to your list of believers."
Dana Brian Mullen
- Florida Tech pitching coach
- Bethune-Cookman pitching coach
- Florida Ultimate Gold pitching coach

"The RevFire, to me, is the single greatest piece of equipment to improve your pitcher's pitches.  VERY easy to
use... I LOVE it!...a fantastic teaching tool.  For the first time in working with thousands of pitchers over the years, I
was able to see  developing pitchers actually focus specifically on spin at release"
Cindy Bristow
- NFCA Hall of Fame
- Head Coach: New Mexico State, Wichita State, Florida Wahoos
- Renowned instructor and speaker at clinics around the world

“All of my 18 select pitchers can spin the riseball and curveball above 26 rps. I have 10 girls that spin the ball over
30 rps, and 4 girls that spin over 36 rps. I have increased the ball spin on all of my pitchers using your revfire.Your
revfire has done wonders for all of my advanced students and I would recommend it to anyone as a training tool.”
Tim Timmons
- Pitching Coach
- Former Pitching Coach to Olympic Gold Medalist Pitcher Cat Osterman            

""Spot and Spin" and "Spin to Win" are two phrases I use frequently when teaching a young pitcher the necessary
ingredients to elevate their game. The Revfire is a device that allows us to take these concepts and tangibly critique
a pitcher's ability to impart proper spin immediately."
Lori Sippel
- Head Coach Canadian Senior Women’s Olympic Team

"The Revfire product is a great teaching resource. It helps young pitchers learn the importance of spin and ball
rotation through providing immediate and easy to understand feedback. Young pitchers want tangible feedback in
order to stay motivated to improve, and the RevFire does that."
Mark Smith
- Head Coach Canadian Senior Men’s Olympic Team

“The RevFire station has been a great addition to the NFCA recruiting camps. The athletes like the instance pitch
feedback.  NFCA college coaches like the objective way they can now assess pitching talent based on the recorded
spin rate of each pitcher's breaking pitches. Previously, there was no way to quantify movement.  Now coaches can
compare movement for each pitcher in the camp.”
Hildred Deese
- NFCA Director of Events

“Controlled velocity, axis of rotation and total number of rotations are variables that determine ball movement. If you
want to grab a player's attention put numbers into the conversation! Rev Fire technology dramatically focuses
attention and calibration on the efficiency in which the ball exits the hand. As our students master their cut fastballs,
change ups and curves using the Rev Fire, they quickly discover if those releases are effective or ineffective. As a
result they obtain accurate ball revolutions per second which they can compare and judge improvement. In a short
period of time we have experienced great results with 10 to 60 year old pitchers.”
John Pinkman
- Founder and Coach, Pinkman Baseball Academy

"I've been using Revfire with all my pitchers for about 3 months now.  The impact was immediate and obvious. A lot
of our pitchers did not really understand why they did not have enough movement until they used Revfire.  We are
seeing huge results in not only movement but in deception.”
Coach Joe Fletcher
- Michigan St. Univ Pitching Coach
- Jacksonville State Pitching Coach
- New York Yankees Pitcher
- Montreal Expos Pitcher

"WOW.    I had a 15 year old player who just could not understand spin and the speed of the spin.   In 30 minutes
she went from 8.5 to 13.5 revolutions."
Mark Cooke
- Head Coach Winthrop University
- Big South Conference Coach of the Year '05 & '07

"I have found the RevFire to be an invaluable tool in helping my students.  Many coaches have focused on a pitcher’
s speed and control because they are easily measured. Now coaches have a tool that can measure spin rate
which directly corresponds to the amount of movement possible for each pitch. I can envision RPS being as
common in judging pitchers in the future as MPH is today."  
Mike White
- USA Men’s National Team 1995 - 2007
- New Zealand National Team 1982- 1996
- U of Oregon Assistant Coach 2002-2005

“I love the RevFire. I work with a lot of pitchers including on my team and it's an invaluable measure of improving
ball movement.”
Terry Burdette
- Head Coach Heartbreakers Travel Team
- NFCA Travel Team Representative

Our instructors love the RevFire.  It's amazing that we have the technology to measure spin rate.  Our students ask
for it when they come in to see if they are getting better.  They are challenged by the RevFire numbers and are now
interested in more than just speed.
Deb Hartwig
Owner and Founder of Just Softball
National Softball Clinician
Former asst coach at Cal State Fullerton and San Diego State University

“The RevFire has increased their motivation to achieve a higher spin rate on all of their pitches. Thanks to RevFire
we are now focusing more on increasing spin speed as well as speed. Every coach should own a RevFire!”
Kendra Pate
Founder MVP Pitching

“Denise Davis has recently made RevFire a part of her daily training routine.  RevFire measures SPEED in mph
and SPIN in rotations per second.  Finally, here's a tool to measure the effectiveness of each pitch.  Fastball and
change-up, curve and screwball, rise and drop... SPIN COUNTS!“
Denise Davis
- Founder and Coach at Planet Fastpitch
- Pitching Consultant to University of Massachusetts
- Private Coach to Olympic and Professional Pitchers

“I've been preaching tight spin to students for years, but now I finally have a way to measure it and monitor their
progress between lessons.  The RevFire softball is the first and only tool to measure spin rate and it's easier to
use than a radar gun.  The tool displays spin rate and pitch speed after each toss.  It accurately measures spin
(revolutions per second) with a degree of accuracy of +/-0.25.  My students have ranged from 8 rps to 25 rps.  We
can test which type of drop you spin faster, which grips on each pitch work better for you, if your spin fades as your
arm tires during your workout and much more to make our training more effective!  Greater spin equals greater
Rita Lynn
- Fastpitch Softball Pitching Coach

"As a top tier college recruiting event, the Elite Sports Recruiting Camp is always looking for ways to provide better
data to college coaches to improve their decision making process when looking at college prospects.  RevFire is
that new tool which not only provides this additional feedback for the college coaches but is instrumental in keeping
Elite Sports on the leading edge of quality college recruiting.  Elite Sports now uses the tool to help improve
pitchers' pitch movement because we can now provide a definitive and tangible feedback for them to improve their
Paul Rose
- Director, Elite Sports Showcase & Recruiting Camps
Cheri Kempf NFCA Clinic - Video
RevFire Testimonials:
Cheri Kempf
- Renowned Author
- NAIA Collegiate Hall of Fame
- National Pro Fastpitch Commissioner
- ESPN & Fox TV Analyst