About RevFire >> Overview

RevFire Corporation was founded in 1998.  Several patents have been secured by RevFire
Corporation covering a variety of measurement techniques related to athletic performance.  RevFire™
technology is available for licensing for industrial as well as consumer applications.

The RevFire is the first product available from RevFire Corporation.  It was introduced to the world
of baseball at the American Baseball Coaches Association convention in January of 2007, where
it garnered a
Best of Show award for new products.  It is a breakthrough training and evaluation
tool that enables precise and reliable measurement of the spin rate of a pitched softball or
baseball.  Never before have coaches been able to measure a pitcher’s ability to impart spin on
a pitch.  Strong spin is required to create an effective curveball, slider, or screwball, or to put
movement on a fastball.  Easier to use than a radar gun, the RevFire also measures pitch speed.