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"I love the RevFire.  I work with a lot
of pitchers including on my own
team and it's an invaluable
measure of improving ball
Terry Burdette
- NFCA Travel Ball Representative
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RevFire 2
"All of my 18 select pitchers can spin
the riseball and curveball above 26
rps. I have 10 girls that spin the ball
over 30 rps, and 4 girls that spin over
36 rps. ... I have increased the ball
spin on all of my pitchers using your
revfire. ...Your revfire has done
wonders for all of my advanced
students and I would recommend it
to anyone as a training tool."

Tim Timmons
- Former Pitching Coach to Olympic
Gold Medal Pitcher Cat Osterman
invaluable tool in helping my
students.  Many coaches have
focused on a pitcher’s speed and
control because they are easily
measured. Now coaches have a
tool that can measure spin rate
which directly corresponds to the
amount of movement possible for
each pitch. I can envision RPS
being as common in judging
pitchers in the future as MPH is

Mike White
- Head Coach University of Oregon