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Greater Spin - More Curve
    Pitchers and batters are quite familiar with the effect of spin on the
    trajectory of a ball.  Scientists have studied the phenomenon and many
    have mathematically described the effect.  More spin creates more curve,
    movement, rise, or hop.  It's all about deceiving the batter, but until now
    very few could measure it.  For more about the physics of spin, click here.

Product Features
  • Displays speed and spin rate after each toss of a RevFire ball.
  • Measures spin rates with an accuracy of +/- 0.25 RPS.
  • Easier to use than a radar gun. No pointing or aiming is required.  Coaches can use the monitor
    anywhere within 40 feet of the catcher.  There is no requirement to be in line with pitches.
  • Pitchers do not tense up from looking into a radar gun.
  • RevFire baseballs and softballs are official size and weight leather balls.  They are not for hitting or
    game play and are readily identified by their red and black stitching.

Training Advantages
  • More Strikes - The major league statistics below show that a curveball with high spin is twice as likely
    to result in a strike than a curve with low spin, and 50% more likely to result in a strike than a curve with
    average spin.  The best pro pitchers like Justin Verlander throw a curveball at 45 to 50 RPS.*

  • Pitchers respond well to instant objective feedback.  With the RevFire they can more quickly learn
    techniques that produce the best breaking ball, sinker, or rise ball.  Rather than trying to overpower the
    ball to impress a radar gun pointed at them, the pitchers focus on the proper release mechanics
    required to achieve strong rotation.  They gain an awareness of spin and a motivation to improve their
    stats relative to their peers.  Effective breaking ball pitchers can provide hard RevFire metrics to
    college and professional recruiters.

  • Coaches can evaluate pitching ability and technique with hard numbers, gain new insight into training
    methods. RevFire speed and spin measurement can be done by the coach out of the line of sight of
    the pitcher.  The RevFire also adds a valuable dimension to pitching prospect evaluation.
"The Revfire product is a great
teaching resource. It helps young
pitchers learn the importance of spin
and ball rotation through providing
immediate and easy to understand
feedback. Young pitchers want
tangible feedback in order to stay
motivated to improve, and the RevFire
does that."
Lisa Sippel
Head Coach Canadian  National
Head Coach Nebraska Cornhuskers
Swing Strike %
Low (< 38 RPS)
Average (38-42 RPS)
High (42 - 45 RPS)
Very High (> 45 RPS)
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