The Baseball Package includes the following:
  • Carrying case
  • RevFire monitor with lanyard
  • 2 RevFire collegiate baseballs
  • 2 AA monitor batteries
  • Users manual

The case can hold up to 3 RevFire baseballs.  The RevFire balls are official size and weight Collegiate
construction leather balls with a yarn wound core typical of regulation balls.  The RevFire monitor displays speed
in MPH and spin in revolutions per second (RPS) and can be used with RevFire baseballs and softballs.  The AA
batteries will provide many hours of use and may require replacement only once a season.  RevFire balls have
black and red stitching and are not for hitting or game play.

  • Displays speed and spin rate.
  • Logs maximum speed and spin.
  • Counts the number of pitches.
  • Tracks multiple balls used in the same area without conflict.
  • Measures spin rates with an accuracy of +/- 0.25 RPS.
  • Easier to use than a radar gun. No pointing or aiming is required.  Coaches can use the monitor
    anywhere within 40 feet of the catcher.  No requirement to be in line with pitches.
  • Pitchers do not tense up from looking into a radar gun.
  • For use without a coach, the monitor has an Automatic mode of operation and built-in support for
    placement on the ground next to the catcher.
  • Works with RevFire baseballs and softballs.

Training Advantages
  • Pitchers respond well to instant objective feedback.  With the RevFire they can more quickly learn
    techniques that produce the best breaking ball.  Rather than trying to overpower the ball to impress a
    radar gun pointed at them, the pitchers focus on the proper release mechanics required to achieve strong
    rotation.  They gain an awareness of spin and a motivation to improve their stats relative to their peers.  
    Effective breaking ball pitchers can provide hard RevFire metrics to college and professional recruiters.

  • Coaches can evaluate pitching ability and technique with hard numbers, gain new insight into training
    methods, identify pitchers whose spin fades as they tire, and see who's breaking ball is 'on' in the
    bullpen.  The fact that the RevFire does not have to be held in line with the pitch and pointed at the pitcher
    changes the dynamics of pitching instruction.  Subtle RevFire speed and spin measurement can be done
    by the coach out of the line of sight of the pitcher.  The RevFire also adds a powerful new dimension to
    pitching prospect evaluation.

Recommended for baseball pitchers 14 and older.
R1T1A-2 Baseball Package

"Great product! Easy to use.
Immediate feedback during a
bullpen session. I would highly
recommend this product to every
coach who's interested in
improving their pitching staffs'

Ben Donisi
'Best of Show'
American Baseball
Coaches  Association
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