"I was one of the first to buy your
great product. No serious pitcher or
coach should be without the
RevFire. One of my pitchers started
out with 17 rps spin on her rise,
today she has hit 30. We use the
RevFire almost everyday and use
it even in pre-game. Thanks for
helping the sport of softball."

Ray Vandermay
- Head Coach Seton Hall Univ.
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Measure the Spin
Master the Spin

The best training tool for developing effective breaking balls
and strong movement on fastballs.

Used by over 300 colleges and universities.

"Our RevFire is a valuable tool in
fall training. We can accurately
gauge breaking ball performance
and focus attention where needed.
The RevFire feedback results in
measurable improvement. I would
recommend it to any coach."

Brent Kemnitz
Baseball Pitching Coach
Wichita State University
"As our students master their cut
fastballs, change ups and curves
using the RevFire, they quickly
discover if those releases are
effective or ineffective... In a short
period of time we have experienced
great results."

John Pinkman
Pinkman Baseball Academy
" It has progressed to a point,
where I use the Revfire every day,
for every lesson and every pitch.
The RevFire system has far
exceeded my expectations and
would recommend it to coaches,
instructors and individual pitchers

George J. Perlotto
Head Pitching Instructor
"The RevFire, to me, is the single
greatest piece of equipment to
improve your pitcher's pitches.  
VERY easy to use... I LOVE it!...a
fantastic teaching tool...  For the first
time in working with thousands of
pitchers over the years, I was able
to see  developing pitchers actually
focus specifically on spin at release"

Cindy Bristow
- NFCA Hall of Fame
- Head Coach: New Mexico State,
Wichita State, Florida Wahoos
- Renowned instructor
providing online training and
education for softball coaches at
"Without a doubt the best training
tool I have ever used in my pitching
instructions!  My students work
tirelessly to beat their previous best
spin rates. This tool is a difference

Sarah Pauly
- National Pro Fastpitch Akron Racers
- Four Time All Pro
RevFire 2
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